The medium and the message

I can’t remember a time before my family had TV. We must have been “early adopters”. I’ve heard that a lot of people bought their first TV set so that they could watch the Coronation in 1953 — and so that they could invite family, friends and neighbours who didn’t have TV. Perhaps that is why we bought one.

Our first TV set had a small circular screen — I suppose it was no more than twelve inches in diameter. The picture was monochrome, of course.

I’ve blogged previously about Andy Pandy, one of the programmes I watched as a child. You can view an episode in full. Is there a feminist subtext to it?

A few years later, my middle-aged primary school teacher Mrs K told the class that she wasn’t in favour of ITV, because of the advertising. She said our mothers might think that next time they went shopping they must buy some of this or that, which they had seen advertised. (In those days, you saw few men out shopping.)

[Original posting 7 October 2011]

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