Tuesday 12-10-10: present and absent

In the morning, I sorted out a few things to take back to Suburbia Somnolenta with me, and binned two grubby pillows that had been on the Old Man’s bed.
Much earlier than yesterday, at about 11:15, I saw the little girl again. Her mother, a dark-haired woman aged about 30, was a few paces behind her, with a younger sibling in a pushchair. They stopped at a silver BMW 3-series diesel estate car, the model prior to the current one. It was parked outside what used to be the home of my playmate PJHT, whose family moved from Peakville to Meadowborough while I was still at primary school. The little girl got into the nearside rear seat of the car; the mother put the sibling into the offside rear seat, and then drove off uphill.
On my return to Suburbia Somnolenta, I spoke with Mr Jebec, who has recently turned 40. He is concerned about the futures of his parents, both of whom live alone in the county of Ultima.
Later that evening, I phoned cousin Z and updated her. She said that she would be sending the Old Man another get-well card.

[Original posting 12 October 2011]

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