Sunday 24-10-10: downhill at Twilight

Two weeks ago, I noticed that the roadworks in Normandy Avenue had been completed. The upper half of the road had been resurfaced. Today, as then, I drove down Normandy Avenue on my way to MegaGroce — for months I had been avoiding it because it was so bumpy. After doing some shopping at MegaGroce, I visited Twilight Towers. I was shown round by a short, chubby nurse called L.
Things have gone downhill at Twilight Towers since the Deceased Lady lived there. The air does not smell fresh. In the front corridor, what was once the “Quiet Room” (where Mrs CJ sometimes sat with her mother) has been snaffled by the matron as her private office. L showed me one of the bathrooms; later, in a corridor downstairs, I innocently opened the door of another bathroom and found that the room was stacked from floor to ceiling with mattresses. At the end of my visit, when L and I were filling in a form, I noticed that she never stopped scratching the crown of her head and the back of her neck.
L confirmed that Mr AJ was still a resident at Twilight Towers. (He is older than the Old Man, so is probably 89.)
In the afternoon I visited the Old Man. He had talked quite fluently on the Saturday, but was not so fluent today. Cousin Z’s second get-well card had arrived — I had not been able to confirm this on the Saturday, as the Old Man’s bedroom door had been locked.
Then I drove to the Leafy Lodge care home. Inside, my initial impression was: “What a dump!” — but things improved as my visit progressed.
In one of the lounges, an old lady was cuddling a rather lifelike rag doll as though it were a baby. Perhaps she thought it was.
There were a couple of old red sofas with cushions missing. I didn’t ask about that, but I imagine those cushions may have had to be thrown away owing to “accidents”.

[Original posting 24 October 2011]

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