Friday 5-11-10: feel the force

Both women were behind the counter at Bert’s, but only the younger man (i.e. Junior). Between the usual two cars on the forecourt, a black SEAT van was parked, but this turned out to belong to a customer.
At Eastwood Priory, the Old Man and I met with a solicitor, Mr G from Richter Henker LLP. To my relief, the Old Man was quite lucid and co-operative. Mr G is satisfied that the Old Man is sufficiently compos mentis to agree to the Lasting Power of Attorney.
After Mr G had left, the Old Man told me:
“We should have done this a long time ago.”
When the nurse applied paracetamol gel to the Old Man’s knees, it was clear that they were not as swollen as they used to be.
I thought M must have left Eastwood Priory, but I encountered him as the two of us rounded a corner, heading in opposite directions. “I’m stubborn, me. And I speak my mind.” — this was his explanation for his still being at Eastwood Priory.
On the way back from Eastwood Priory to the Old Man’s house, at a junction, I witnessed an accident. The two cars involved were not travelling fast, but the impact caused the front end of the smaller car to flip up by about two feet. It reminded me of something I had said to Mrs AD when she paid me a visit on 19 September 2010: “People don’t realise the forces involved in accidents.” (She had recently been involved in an accident at only about 2mph, and had been surprised at the severity of the impact.)
That weekend at Peakville, the Friday felt like a Saturday, the Saturday like a Sunday, and the Sunday like a Monday.

[Original posting 5 November 2011]

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