Tuesday 16-11-10: Hillside and Twilight

I returned calls from Peter at QuangoHousing, and from the manageress of Hillside Haven whom I have not met. Peter is a helpful person — he wanted to know whether there was anything more that he could do for us. I advised him that the Old Man would be going into residential care. The manageress of Hillside Haven told me that there was now an additional vacancy — which I had been expecting, on the basis of what K the nurse had said to me when I visited the home.
Someone (name unintelligible) from the parent company of Twilight Towers left me a voicemail, in which she implied that it had already been decided that the Old Man would be moving to Twilight Towers. She wanted clarification about the payment of fees. I phoned her late in the day. She is called Thelma, and she had obtained her information from E the social worker. I put her right.

[Original posting 16 November 2011]

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