Thursday 18-11-10: admitted to A&E

When I arrived at Eastwood Priory for a further meeting with the Old Man and Mr G from Richter Henker LLP, V the nurse told me that the Old Man had been taken to the A&E department of Peakville Infirmary about an hour earlier. He had slumped forward onto the lunch-table; his blood-pressure was low and his heartbeat rapid. Blood-sugar was normal.
I drove back to the Old Man’s house and phoned Peakville Infirmary. The Old Man had not yet been examined by a doctor.
At 16:00 the position was the same. A nurse at Peakville Infirmary assured me that the Old Man was “the next one to be seen”. No doubt what they say to callers is carefully scripted and well rehearsed.
That evening, I was told that the Old Man had been taken back to Eastwood Priory rather than being kept in overnight. The A&E consultant, said the staff nurse, had determined that “admission wouldn’t change anything”. A letter would be sent to the Old Man’s GP, via Eastwood Priory.
It never did become clear quite what had been wrong with the Old Man.

[Original posting 18 November 2011]

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