Friday 19-11-10: a good second preference

I went shopping at MegaGroce, then went to visit the Cosy Corner care home. Zelda the clerk showed me round.
Before going into one vacant room, Zelda apologised for the smell: “The person who had this room before had a problem with their bowels.” The room was being used for storage, and needed fumigation and renovation.
Cosy Corner is my second preference, after Homestead Heights.
At Bert’s, there was a Renault parked on the forecourt, between the usual two cars. I was the only customer in the shop. “Where is everybody?” I asked Tall Woman. “Dunno,” she replied ruefully. The older man (i.e. Bert) was not behind the counter. The two women shared the task of serving me. The batter on the fish was not particularly crisp — a hallmark of Junior’s cooking.
At Eastwood Priory the Old Man was dozing in the lounge. It took me a little while to wake him. Then he smiled at me. I took the Old Man to his bedroom, as the dining-room was about to be used for a meeting. He said he was “fighting fit”.
When we were talking, a few times he mumbled about a “fiddle” — perhaps he thought, in his paranoid way, that the staff were cheating him.
I saw M in the lounge, seated on an armchair against the back wall, when I said goodbye to the Old Man. The Old Man smiled at me — his first smile since we had said hello.

[Original posting 19 November 2011]

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