Monday 29-11-10: Mr G & Dr T

When I phoned Eastwood Priory that morning, the nurse told me that the Old Man was rather subdued.
In the afternoon, the Old Man and I had a meeting with Mr G from Richter Henker LLP, and we signed the application form for a Lasting Power of Attorney.
I arrived at Eastwood Priory half an hour early, so as to get the Old Man up to speed for the meeting. He was rather livelier than the nurse had led me to expect. I noticed, as I had done on my previous visit, that his voice was croaky.
When Mr G asked him whether he wanted to go ahead with the Lasting Power of Attorney, the Old Man answered with an emphatic:
This reminded me that he had answered in exactly that way to the same question from Mr G during our first meeting on 5 November 2010.
After Mr G left, the Old Man complained that he did not have any cash. I checked with Francesca, who told me that he had £10.50 in the safe. His recent haircut (much needed — his hair had been getting very straggly) had cost £4.50.
From the nurses’ office at Eastwood Priory, I spoke to Dr T and gave my approval for him to categorise the Old Man as DNR. I mentioned the croakiness of the Old Man’s voice. Dr T said — in response to my conjecture — that the croakiness might be related to the Old Man’s lung cancer, which may have affected his laryngeal nerve.

[Original posting 29 November 2011]

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