Thursday 16-12-10: not Cosy Corner

E the social worker had left me a voicemail on the Monday. When I returned the call, she told me that as the Old Man was so unwell, his reassessment had been postponed for one week. She suggested that she should contact Cosy Corner and tell them that it was unlikely that the Old Man would become a resident there. I gave my agreement to her suggestion.

In the afternoon, H the staff nurse contacted me. The Old Man seemed uncomfortable and agitated. He kept tugging at his clothes and bedclothes — I responded that I had noticed this behaviour when I saw him on the Tuesday. He was eating and drinking very little, perhaps because the inside of his mouth was sore. (The soreness was apparently due to thrush, though I can’t remember when I was given that information.) She doubted that the pain-relief patch was sufficiently effective, and said that they might switch to a syringe driver, giving the Old Man simultaneously pain relief and other medication to calm him. The out-of-hours GP had been consulted — this because the normal GPs were off duty. Diplomatically, H asked whether I had thought about funeral arrangements.

Evening: When I contacted Eastwood Priory, I was told that there had been little change.

[Original posting 16 December 2011]

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