Monday 20-12-10: many things to arrange

I contacted Mr G at Richter Henker LLP, and asked him to deal with probate. Subsequently I contacted the funeral directors who dealt with the Deceased Lady’s funeral, and the GP surgery that will be issuing the Old Man’s death certificate.
The GP, Dr R, phoned me in the afternoon. She hopes that the coroner will not need to be involved.
Mrs HJ was in tears by the time I had finished telling her about the Old Man. She and Mr HJ have been away from home for a while — which is why they did not answer the phone on Sunday.
I phoned two of my cousins on the Deceased Lady’s side of the family. They are F and his sister Y.
Mr Jebec knocked on my door, to see whether I was coping with the winter weather. (It must be a sign of my advancing age that a forty-year-old is checking up on me.) I told him that the Old Man had died.

[Original posting 20 December 2011]

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