Thursday 30-12-10: last visit

Bert’s was closed, so I drove on to Salty Sally’s — I had a long wait there, but in return for that, the fish and chips were crisp and hot.
I made a farewell visit to Eastwood Priory, and collected the Old Man’s personal effects — three large transparent sacks. Some of the contents turned out not to be his: several issues of Scootering magazine which had been in his room. These must have been there when he arrived. The thought of the Old Man on a scooter is incongruous — amusingly so. There was also a Jim Reeves CD which had been in the Old Man’s bedside cabinet at Peakville Infirmary — I let nurse Ch and the carer who accompanied her keep the CD, to play to the other residents. Via Ch, I passed on a special thank-you to M, for having befriended the Old Man. (M is still at Eastwood Priory. Ch told me that in the past, someone had stayed at Eastwood Priory for a year!)

[Original posting 30 December 2011]

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