Sunday 13-3-11: Charlie’s first time indoors

Mr & Mrs CJ’s son-in-law Del came to view the Old Man’s house, which he is considering buying as a property for development. He brought Charlie with him. Charlie had never been in the house before, but he had been in the front garden, helping the Old Man mow the lawn. Mr CJ and the Old Man used to lift him over the three-foot-high wall.
Before I left for Suburbia Somnolenta, I went to cut some of the daffodils that grow by the side of the driveway. Mrs JG came out of her house, and we said hello. “Have some daffodils, Mrs JG,” I offered, and gave her the small bunch that I had already cut.
Mrs JG told me that her mother died about four weeks ago.
I cut some more daffodils, putting a few in my car to take back to Suburbia Somnolenta, and taking the rest to Mrs CJ. She invited me in for a cup of coffee. I hadn’t been in the house since the days when Mr & Mrs HJ lived there. That house and the Old Man’s house were mirror-images, many years ago when Mr & Mrs RW lived there — but the houses are very different now.
In conversation, I learnt that Mr CJ’s father was one of the Desert Rats.
Mrs CJ told me about one day when the Deceased Lady’s dementia was becoming severe. The Old Man had gone to play golf — he usually played only nine holes then, so that he was not away for too long. The Deceased Lady had told Mrs CJ: “He’s left me, for another woman.” Mrs CJ had reassured her: “He knows which side his bread is buttered.”

[Original posting 13 March 2012]

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