Wednesday 13-4-11: a riot of blossom

I drove to Peakville that morning, so as to attend a 4pm meeting at Richter Henker LLP.

Both cars were on the forecourt of Bert’s, but the only person behind the counter when I arrived was Tall Woman. “Are you on your own?” I asked in surprise. At that moment, Junior appeared. Talll Woman agreed with my suggestion that running a chip shop on your own would be quite a job. “Nobody’d get anything,” she opined.
I didn’t see Bert, but the crisp batter on the fish led me to believe that he had done the cooking. Either that, or Junior has picked up the tricks of the trade from the master.

Up the road that leads towards Mrs AD’s mother’s house, there stand trees that were a riot of pink blossom and white blossom. Further uphill, by some former shops near the entrance to Hillside Haven, I saw a grey squirrel cross the road — an unusual sight anywhere thereabouts.
Mr G could not attend the meeting at Richter Henker LLP — I knew he had to attend a funeral, but I was expecting him to have returned by 16:00. He had not, so I saw his assistant Miss Ajay instead. She seems still to be learning her trade — I had to point out a couple of errors in the paperwork she had prepared. (Simply having ticked the wrong box.)
On the way back to the Old Man’s house, I noticed that the estate agent’s sign in the front garden of Mrs AD’s mother’s house now proclaims “SOLD”.

[Original posting 13 April 2012]

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