Thursday 14-4-11: gossip about the CJs

From mid-morning to lunchtime, I did some weeding and then mowed the lawns. Before starting the back lawn, I noticed that Mrs CJ was hanging out her washing. We spoke for about twenty minutes.
From about January to March 2011, Karl’s behaviour was subdued — his mother eventually took him to their GP. He may have been suffering from a virus that he could not shake off. Karl is now back to normal.
Two or three mornings a week, Mrs CJ drives to her daughter Della’s house in the village of Plush, and takes charge of Charlie and Karl. She needs to get there for 06:30, so that Della can start work at Tidemark Street in central Peakville for 07:00. Della’s plan is that, if her husband receives a promotion, she will drop one of the days that she now works (Tuesdays?). Della and he are also hoping to move house.
Mrs CJ described her husband as “Mr Sunlit Uplands”. Mr CJ has successively been the vice-captain, captain and vice-president of the Sunlit Uplands golf club. He is currently the president, but is finding it hard going, and he cannot wait for October when his term of office will be over.
Mrs CJ’s son-in-law Del complained about his previous boss micromanaging him. The company he works for spends far too much time on unproductive meetings.
In the late 1960s, Mrs CJ spent six months as an au pair in northern Italy. A friend of hers went to Sicily as an au pair, met a man there, married him, and is now thoroughly Italian.

[Original posting 14 April 2012]

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