Easter Sunday 24-4-11: Mr & Mrs NA

After the Easter service, I walked down the road to where my car was parked. I noticed a German-registered MPV, XX-NA 0000, parked at the kerb opposite my car. Surely, I thought, this was the car that belonged to Mr & Mrs NA, a German couple who had lived in England for a few years and had returned to Germany in the summer of 2009. And so it was. Back in the church gardens, I spoke first with Mrs NA and then with Mr NA. They had brought their children on holiday, arriving via the Channel Tunnel on Maundy Thursday and planning to go home on Easter Monday. Their daughter P is now 5, and their son H is 8 — he will turn 9 in November 2011. P will be starting school in the autumn of 2011. When I first knew her, she was a baby; since 2009 she has grown, and grown up, quite markedly. Mr & Mrs NA are little changed — he was born in 1967, and she no doubt some years later. The chocolate biscuits had already been put away, but P wanted one rather than a home-made meringue, and so I fetched her a chocolate biscuit from the kitchen. She does not like speaking English, but H (so I was told — he was running around with the other boys) speaks it quite well. P must have taken part in the Easter-egg hunt, as she had collected two foil-wrapped chocolate Easter bunnies — and then she was given two medium-sized Easter eggs. Mr NA told me that he prefers Easter eggs made of white chocolate, which he cannot obtain in this country. He also told me that he plans to return to this country in 2012, for the Olympics.

[Original posting 24 April 2012]

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