Saturday 30-4-11: from the hand of the master

At Bert’s, only the little silver hatchback was parked on the forecourt. Both men were behind the counter, but only Short Woman.
There was a notice on the notice-board, to inform us that the shop would be closed on 2 and 3 May, reopening at lunchtime on Wednesday 4 May.
In front of me in the queue was a family of four: a dark-haired man and a blonde woman both aged about 35, a dark-haired son aged nine or ten, and a blonde daughter aged perhaps six. The man and the boy were of average build, the daughter was quite skinny, but the woman was obese — her upper arms, bare on a warm day, were massive. The family were buying chips to eat outdoors.
“Hiya,” Short Woman greeted me, when it was my turn to be served.
Back at the Old Man’s house, I cut into the batter at one end of my fish and I immediately knew that Bert had cooked it.
Starting just before 16:00, I mowed all four lawns — first the side lawn, which was in shade; then the big front lawn, the front side lawn, and finally the back lawn.

[Original posting 30 April 2012]

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