Sunday 22-5-11: an old textbook

I saw Mr CJ mowing his back lawn, and went out to thank him for trimming the hedges. He told me that Mrs CJ, who had her left hip replaced, is now suffering pain in her right hip. Mr CJ also told me that the couple (Mr & Mrs Kaufman) who live in the Thornboroughs’ house are renting it. Mr Kaufman works for Durch Freude, a VW dealership in Peakville, which explains why the family have two small VWs.
While I was packing my car, Mrs JG arrived in her car. We spoke for a while.
One of the Old Man’s work-related textbooks that I took home with me was inscribed:


After I got back to Suburbia Somnolenta, I phoned Mrs CJ and had a long chat with her.

[Original posting 22 May 2012]

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