Sunday 26-6-11: more strange finds

By the time I got up that morning, quite early, the birthday decorations at the Thornboroughs’ house had all been removed.

The Old Man was a great one for buying things and then never using them, and for buying things that duplicated what he already had. This weekend I found lots of sponge scourers and tubes of Steradent. On my previous visit I had found wooden door-handles. But I still haven’t found his false teeth.

At about 13:35, a young mother and her toddler daughter were walking past numbers 13 & 11. The mother had got ahead, and was playfully encouraging her daughter to catch up with her:
“Come on, Ruby-dooby! You can do it!”
Ruby, giggling, managed to catch up. She was probably not far short of her second birthday. Her hair was arranged in two little plaits.
Her father, bare to the waist, was a bit further behind. His hair was straw-blond; mother and daughter had dark hair.
The three of them crossed the road, and when they had walked on past the house where V (like Sally F, she was a girl I looked up to) and her family used to live, they were lost from my sight.

As I drove off from the Old Man’s house, I noticed that the woman who lives next door to Mr & Mrs JG is obese. She was wearing a summer dress with just thin straps that left her lightly-tanned shoulders bare.

[Original posting 26 June 2012]

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