More memories of Metroland Primary

Three more memories of my primary school:

One day in the early 1960s, a member of the teaching staff ushered us into a side-room (I’m not sure why) and told us that Becky, a classmate of ours who was absent that day, wouldn’t be coming back to the school. Becky’s parents had split up, and her mother was taking her to live somewhere else. We were flabbergasted. Obviously, we’d heard about divorce: we knew that it happened in Hollywood, and we knew just as well that it didn’t happen in our neck of the woods.
We didn’t have a school uniform at Metroland Primary — or not in terms of clothing. Our unofficial school uniform was that everyone associated with the school was white. Not just the kids and their parents, but the teachers, the dinner-ladies, even the cleaners IIRC — all of us were uniformly white. That’s not to say that we were all Anglo-Saxons. One of my classmates had a Polish father; quite a lot of Polish refugees arrived in Britain during and after World War Two. Another classmate had an unusual surname that (in retrospect) was probably eastern European.
Metroland Primary hardly ever communicated with the kids’ parents in writing. I’m struggling to remember any written communication we received from the school.

[Original posting 2 July 2012]

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