Tuesday 12-7-11: green bin emptied at last

After breakfast, I heard the noise of bins being moved nearby. It was not the rubbish-bins but the green bins that were being emptied — and the Old Man’s green bin hadn’t been emptied for weeks and weeks. I rolled the Old Man’s green bin (it was very heavy) down the path, and onto the pavement. The green bin was emptied some while later.
Bert’s was closed; the shutters were rolled down only about two-thirds of the way, so perhaps someone was doing some maintenance inside the shop. There were at least three cars parked on the forecourt; I don’t think I recognised any of them.
I went to Salty Sally’s instead. The prices have gone up since the last time I was there; I paid £5.20. (No peas — tried once, never again.) The portions of cod and chips were large, but the chips were not crisp enough. The experience confirmed me in my opinion that the fish and chips from Bert’s are far superior, even when it is Junior that cooks them.
In the afternoon, I drove back to Suburbia Somnolenta.

[Original posting 12 July 2012]

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