Sunday 24-7-11: like mother unlike daughter

In the morning, from my bedroom window, I saw the dark-blonde woman who lives in the house beyond Mr & Mrs JG’s, playing with her daughter in their back garden. The woman was dressed less revealingly than on 26 June, but she was just as obese. Her daughter, aged four or five, shows no sign of obesity — she is an active little girl. Mother and daughter were wielding rackets, playing swingball. The frame was mounted in the middle of their back garden.
In the middle of the day, I saw the husband and an older man playing the same game. The husband is aged about 40, and is rather tubby though not quite obese. The older man (father or father-in-law, I suppose) is aged about 70. He has a grey fringe-type beard, and he was wearing a flat cap of finely chequered pattern. The older man was solidly built, but agile enough.

Two finds today:
First, a set of six pristine fish-knives and fish-forks, mounted in a cardboard box. They were probably a present for the Old Man and Deceased Lady at their wedding in 1949. Why did they buy cutlery (sometimes of unremarkable quality) in later years, when they had so much good-quality cutlery that had never been used?
Secondly, the bill for the funeral of the Deceased Lady’s mother. This took place in 1980. The total cost was less than £300.

On my return to Suburbia Somnolenta, I spoke with Mr Jebec about the process of clearing out the Old Man’s house. I mentioned the fish-knives and fish-forks.

[Original posting 24 July 2012]

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