Saturday 10-9-11: more customers

At Bert’s, there was just the little silver hatchback on the forecourt, at the left-hand side.
As I approached the shop, I could see a tall and attractive blonde woman at the front of the queue. She had with her a darker-haired daughter aged nine or ten, and a blonde daughter probably aged two. When I was about to enter the shop, the toddler looked to be on the point of escaping — but she didn’t. The mother and the toddler were in summer dresses with their shoulders bare. The elder daughter was covered up rather more.
Both Tall Woman and Short Woman were behind the counter, and so was Junior, but there was no sign of the main man.
The only thing I heard the blonde woman order was “a cone of chips”. She had a local accent. Short Woman priced up the order — £7 plus. Almost as an afterthought, the customer realised that she wanted two cans of soft drink: diet Coke and 7-UP; and then also a dandelion and burdock. She apologised, saying that she was still in holiday mode. Short Woman took the cans out of the glass-fronted fridge at the rear of the shop.
The mother and daughters left the shop. I had to wait a few minutes for my food to be cooked. Other customers were behind me: a middle-aged man with his horizontally-striped golf shirt distended by his beer-gut; and a thirtysomething man with his son aged about five. Father and son had dark hair.
It is good to know that Bert’s is getting more custom than it seemed to in the summer. I don’t think I’ve seen any of today’s customers before.
After lunch, I mowed all four lawns.

[Original posting 10 September 2012]

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