Saturday 24-9-11: remedial work

I drove to Peakville that morning. On my way to the Old Man’s house, I passed the corner shop. Three people were making their way there, down Victoria Street: a youngish woman, somewhat overweight, was walking, and ahead of her two children of primary school age were running fast — they must have been the woman’s children. The boy was in the lead and had almost reached the shop; the girl was not far behind him. Both were dressed in pink tops.

On arrival at the Old Man’s house, I found that some branches of the tree in the front garden were lying on the ground, most of them still attached to the tree. No doubt this damage was caused by the recent high winds. Later, from my bedroom, I noticed that a panel of the fence between Mr & Mrs CJ’s back garden and that of Mr & Mrs JG had blown down; and one of the panels of the fence between Mr & Mrs JG’s back garden and that of Mr & Mrs GS had suffered some damage. This was the panel by the GS family’s swing. Mr JG’s new fence had not been affected.
The GSs’ estate car is still for sale, at the same price.
At Bert’s, there were half-a-dozen people queueing when I arrived. I haven’t seen the shop so busy for months. Only one of the people ahead of me was a woman.
Short Woman was wearing a purple pinafore, and Tall Woman (who served me) a pinafore that was blue tinged with purple.
I realised afterwards that Tall Woman had given me too much change: I had paid the £4.65 bill with five £1 coins, and she had given me not 35p (10+20+5) but 65p (10+50+5).
In the afternoon I cut off the fallen branches of the tree, and I mowed all four lawns.

[Original posting 24 September 2012]

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