Wednesday 19-10-11: the parenting game

I said hello to Mrs Jebec, who had (most unusually) parked her car on her neighbour’s drive, and had her back to me. She didn’t respond, and went indoors. A few minutes later she came back out, and said hello to me. She simply hadn’t heard what I’d said to her earlier. She looked stressed and distracted. Her elder son had phoned her from school, saying he had forgotten his Maths book, and asking her to bring it to him.
“That’s the parenting game,” I told her.
Mrs Jebec regrets that she has little time for socialising. She told me that other neighbours of hers, Scandinavians who had recently moved in, had said hello to her one day. Although they had assured her that they had already introduced themselves to her, she had no memory of it.

[Original posting 19 October 2012]

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