Saturday 22-10-11: at the bottom of a cupboard

My journey to Peakville was quick, smooth and pleasant. There was sunshine, and beautiful autumn colours.
I noticed that the silver estate car owned by Mr & Mrs GS was no longer on their drive. In its place was a small black hatchback. Perhaps the family are downsizing. When I drove off to Bert’s, someone was reversing the black hatchback onto the road — I couldn’t see who was in the car.
Mrs JG arrived in her car. I asked how Nash was settling in: “At S, isn’t it?” She seemed delighted that I had asked. Nash is indeed settling in. He and some fellow-students had been on a one-week course or placement in the Lake District. “It’s all right for some,” I said.
At Bert’s, only the silver hatchback was on the forecourt, in its usual place. There was one customer in the shop when I arrived; he was a fiftyish man. The two women served me, as a team. “We need more peas, Bert,” Short Woman called out to him. I didn’t see Junior. Tall Woman seemed a little offhand today.
The fish was good again, but some of the chips had been sliced too thin.
At the bottom of a cupboard in my bedroom, I found a box of six Royal Sefton Crystal glasses. I don’t remember ever seeing them before. The packaging seems too modern for the glasses to have been a wedding-present for the Old Man and the Deceased Lady in 1949; perhaps they were a present for the silver wedding in 1974. Almost certainly they have never been used.

[Original posting 22 October 2012]

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