Wednesday 23-11-11: love from Gretchen

On the evening of Friday 11 November, I saw Mr Jebec’s car driving off, apparently in the company of a little hatchback that I didn’t recognise. Its parking-space was quickly occupied by the large luxury car that belongs (or belonged?) to Mrs Jebec’s father. Since then, there has been no sign of Mr Jebec’s car, and the large luxury car doesn’t seem to have moved.
I began to wonder whether something was afoot.
Today, between the Jebecs’ front steps and their drive, next to where their bin is situated, I found a tiny home-made greetings card — a little sheet of paper, folded, with the message on the outside. The writing was big, as one would expect from a six-year-old, and the ink was purple. The message was:

To daddy
love from

[Original posting 23 November 2012]

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