Monday 28-11-11: yet more mysterious finds

In the morning I cleared out more things from the sun-lounge, and in the afternoon I did the same for the garage. I was mystified — again — by some of the things I found. What did the Old Man want with a set of wood-chisels? — he never did any woodworking. The chisels, which I found in a bag in the sun-lounge, looked as though they had never been used. Why did he buy a golf-ball personaliser, and then never use it? Why did he keep two bags full of MegaGroce plastic carrier bags?
The Old Man’s golf-bag stood at the far end of the garage. It contained numerous golf-balls and -tees, sunglasses, waterproof trousers, a 5p piece and a one-cent (US) coin. My cousin C’s golf-bag and -clubs were also in the garage, next to the Old Man’s. A very few things in the garage are useful to me, and I shall keep them.

[Original posting 28 November 2012]

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