Sunday 4-12-11: mysterious skip

As usual when I get up on Sunday morning in the Old Man’s house, I looked out of my bedroom window and saw one or two lights on in the houses nearby: one or two houses on Victoria Street, for instance. Often there is a light on upstairs in the house that is two along from Mrs AD’s mother’s former house — but not today.
I went shopping at TeraGroce, and on the way there I saw a smallish skip, rather rusty, and full to the brim with black bin-bags and debris, on the driveway between numbers 34 and 32. It wasn’t clear which of those two houses the contents of the skip had come from — there was no sign of any building or decorating work going on, though the side-wall of number 32 seemed to be in slight disrepair.
You might expect work to have been done at Mr BC’s former house, but nothing seems to have happened there.
Mrs AD’s mother’s former house is still for sale.

[Original posting 4 December 2012]

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