Monday 5-12-11: snow-flurries and shopping

There was a frost overnight, and in the morning there were snow-flurries.
After lunch I went shopping at MegaGroce. I hadn’t been there for some months. It seemed strange without the Old Man — though even during his lifetime I occasionally went shopping there alone. On the way back there were more snow-flurries. I took a detour to see the fish-and-chip shop which Mr & Mrs CJ told me about on 26 November 2011. A sign outside showed that it keeps similar hours to Bert’s, except that it is closed all day Monday whereas Bert’s is open Monday lunchtimes.

[Original posting 5 December 2012]

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2 Responses to Monday 5-12-11: snow-flurries and shopping

  1. I love it when there are snow-flurries (especially if I don’t have to drive anywhere!) I wonder if we’ll get any snow in the run-up to Christmas?


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