Tuesday 13-12-11: few customers, fewer bins

Outside Bert’s, the blue car was in the same position that it has occupied lately, and there was a big van parked transversely, its nose in the direction from which I had arrived. Inside, I saw only Junior and Tall Woman — Tuesday is probably not a busy day. I was the only customer, and I remarked: “On my own today.” Tall Woman again remembered my usual order. I commented that I was getting predictable, and added that I would have to change my order. When I asked, she confirmed that customers had to order haddock on entering the shop, and told me something I wasn’t aware of — that it was available only on Fridays. “That’s worth knowing,” I responded. By the time my order had been packed, two men had entered the shop, separately. The first of them can’t have been a regular, as he spent a while gazing at the price-list high on the rear wall of the shop. He ordered fishcakes.
The fish and chips were not bad, though they could have been warmer — another sign of a not-very-busy day. As previously, some of the chips were sliced thinner than I prefer.
When I last visited Peakville, I noticed that on the drive of the Thornboroughs’ house, the long-unused grey car stood behind only one wheelie-bin, the black one. This afternoon, that was still the case.
Mr JG has refitted into place the toppled panel of the fence between his back garden and the access-road. The panel has sustained some damage to its top and bottom.

[Original posting 13 December 2012]

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