Tuesday 20-12-11: Mrs CH and Mr Jebec

This morning I saw Mrs CH walking with the aid of a walking-stick. She was talking with Mrs Nearneighbour, no doubt explaining what her trouble was.
This afternoon I noticed that the Jebecs were having some work done by an aerial contractor. The contractor’s van was parked on their drive, and the Jebecs’ two cars were parked side-by-side — Mr Jebec’s car in its usual space. For the first time in several weeks I saw Mr Jebec. He was walking past the contractor’s van, towards his house, wearing a short-sleeve top despite the cold. Later, I saw him arrive in Mrs Jebec’s car; he parked it back alongside his own car. Mr Jebec was now wearing a jacket.
Mr & Mrs Jebec generally don’t seem to feel the cold.

[Original posting 20 December 2012]

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