Friday 23-12-11: goodbye to…

The black bin was emptied this morning. I put the rusty stand from the garage into the newly-empty bin.
There was no sight or sound of Mr & Mrs CJ. On previous days this visit, I had heard Charlie and Karl, and I had heard Mrs CJ coughing. I wondered whether Mr & Mrs CJ had gone on holiday.
Next door to the GS family’s house, the motor-unit of a small lorry has for a long time been parked on the drive, and apparently never used. This lunchtime, the motor-unit was taken away on the back of a bigger lorry.
Mid-afternoon I went to TeraGroce again, and did a little more shopping. When I was queuing at the checkout, behind me were a mother and her young daughter — the daughter reminded me of the late Mrs AY (Mrs PM’s daughter, born in the 1960s) as she was in her earliest years.

[Original posting 23 December 2012]

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