Saturday 24-12-11: cousin N’s serious illness

After breakfast, I drove back to Suburbia Somnolenta for Christmas. On the way, I delivered Cousin N’s Christmas card.
When I left Acacia Grove, I could see that the little black hatchback was on the main drive of the GS family’s house, and the silver estate car on the other drive (where a front garden used to be).
When I put cousin N’s card through the letter-box, I saw a newspaper that had not been pushed all the way through when delivered, and was still hanging on the inside.
After arriving at Suburbia Somnolenta, I was unpacking the car. “Happy Christmas, BLEKE,” a female voice called out. I looked — it was Mrs Jebec who had spoken. “Are you going anywhere for Christmas?” she asked.
“No, I’ve just got back.”
“Observant, eh?” commented Mr Jebec. Shortly thereafter, the Jebecs drove off in Mrs Jebec’s car.
That evening, I phoned cousin N. She has been in Peakville Infirmary, in intensive care and then in a normal ward, after a stomach-ulcer burst. Unsurprisingly, she is on all kinds of medication. A physiotherapist was supposed to be treating her, but was not available for a month. So cousin N did some walking exercises of her own devising, and they seem to have done her good.

[Original posting 24 December 2012]

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