Saturday 31-12-11: continuity and change

Shortly after arriving at Peakville, I saw Mr & Mrs CJ, who were about to drive off in Mrs CJ’s car. They got out of the car and we talked. Mr CJ has injured his back; he had wanted to put his black wheelie-bin back into its place, and instead of moving his car he had unwisely decided to lift the bin over the car.
In the front window of Sarah Goldstein’s house, there stands a plastic Santa which has been displayed there for many Christmases — probably since the late 1960s. I suppose that Gerry or his brother must have put it there this year.
This afternoon I went shopping at TeraGroce. At the corner near Hillside Haven, a new kerb has been laid, and some posts have been erected in the pavement to stop anyone parking there. The asphalting of the pavement is the crudest bodge I have seen for quite some while.
On my return I was in the kitchen, and through the kitchen window I saw a middle-aged man who has lived in the area since he was young. The Deceased Lady used to refer to his late father as the Pigeon Man, and to him as the Pigeon Lad. He is seriously obese. No doubt he had been shopping at the corner shop, because he was carrying two very full blue plastic bags — both of them dangling from his right hand. Every ten or twenty yards, he had to stop and get his breath back. When he was standing outside the Thornboroughs’ house, he noticed that I was looking at him.
There were a few fireworks let off in the neighbourhood at about 21:00.

[Original posting 31 December 2012]

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