Sunday 1-1-12: fireworks and a full bin

The main fireworks started at midnight. The most impressive display seemed to originate from the far side of Victoria Street.
Before lunch, I did more sorting-out in the garage. Some things I kept: 78rpm records, and yet more paint-rollers. Other things I binned: mouldy cardboard boxes, chipboard panels, a shoe-rack. In the airing-cupboard, I found yet more ant-killing powder, a sink-plunger, and a plastic bottle of talcum powder. The talcum powder and sink-plunger I kept, but the ant-killing powder I binned.
I noticed that the Christmas lights had been switched off or taken down, in the school-house, in the house opposite the Old Man’s house, and in a house further up Acacia Grove. The lights in that last house had been of a tasteful deep blue.

[Original posting 1 January 2013]

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