Thursday 12-1-12: reserving the space

For some time, the large luxury car that belongs or belonged to Mrs Jebec’s father has been parked in the in the parking-space that Mrs Jebec reclaimed on 28 July 2011. Mr Jebec’s car has been parked behind it.
A few days ago, I saw Mr Jebec and Mr Nearneighbour standing near that parking-space, discussing it or something.
Today, the large luxury car had gone, and Mr Jebec was supervising a workman who was painting lines to demarcate the parking-space, and the words NO PARKING alongside it.
Mrs Jebec has always claimed that she has a legal entitlement to the exclusive use of that parking-space. Of that claim, Mrs BM (a former neighbour of ours) once said to me: “It’s b****y rubbish!”

[Original posting 12 January 2013]

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