Friday 13-1-12: another price-rise

When I arrived at the Old Man’s house, Mr CJ was about to give Mrs CJ’s car some TLC. I didn’t manage to catch his eye.
At Bert’s, only the blue car was parked on the forecourt, in the usual position. Three members of staff were behind the counter; Short Woman wasn’t to be seen. There was one (male) customer ahead of me. Prices have risen: fish by 20p and chips by 10p. So my bill was £4.95. Perhaps the price-rise explains the lack of customers on what you would expect to be the busiest lunchtime of the week. When I parked the car, it took me a while to get out and cross the road, owing to the volume of traffic. I asked Tall Woman why there was so much traffic, but in reply she just giggled.
When I went shopping at TeraGroce after lunch, I noticed that a fortysomething man was at work on Sarah Goldstein’s house, removing some rotten weatherboarding to the left of the front bedroom window. (Was the man Gerry Goldstein’s younger brother? He didn’t seem to recognise me.) The Santa had been removed from the living-room window. There is no indication that the house is for sale, or has been sold.
At the corner near Hillside Haven, smooth new asphalt has been laid down, rectifying the crude bodge that I noticed on New Year’s Eve 2011.

[Original posting 13 January 2013]

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