Monday 16-1-12: photos and morning coffee

At the bottom of another cupboard, I found a small tray and a metal chocolate-box, both containing photos and documents.
I invited myself to morning coffee with Mr & Mrs CJ, and showed them a few of the photos. One was of the Deceased Lady at the seaside, in the mid-1930s I should think, with some unidentifiable younger girls. Another was of a baby — Mrs CJ and I agreed that it was probably a boy, in which case the baby may have been the Deceased Lady’s younger brother who died in infancy.
Mrs CJ told me of a recurring dream she had had after her father died: she was in a shoe-shop, one wall of which was stacked floor-to-ceiling with shoe-boxes. There was a ladder against that wall, and her father was at the top of it. Then one time, he told her: “This is the last time I’m coming here.” And she never had that dream again.
She also told me of how, years before, she had been cheated by a cowboy “tradesman” who had taken payment for installing cavity-wall insulation — in a house that didn’t have cavity walls. By the time she discovered that she had been cheated, the man was nowhere to be found.
After lunch I drove back to Suburbia Somnolenta.

[Original posting 16 January 2013]

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2 Responses to Monday 16-1-12: photos and morning coffee

  1. Louise says:

    How interesting to look over old photos and fascinating that after Mrs CJ’s father told her that it was the last time he was coming here, the recurring dreams stopped.


    • BLEKE says:

      One thing I didn’t mention is that I found the undertaker’s bill for the funeral of my uncle (my mother’s baby brother) — the cost was only a few pounds, but that was a lot of money in the 1920s.
      If you’d like a bit more background info on the blog, take a look at the “Who, what, where” page.

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