Fragments (A)

Nine or ten years ago, the Old Man went to hospital for an out-patient appointment. He was ferried there and back by taxi. Afterwards, he told me that the taxi was equipped with “a speaking clock”. This turned out to be sat-nav. I doubt that the Old Man had ever seen sat-nav in action before.

[Original posting 13 July 2010]

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2 Responses to Fragments (A)

  1. Louise says:

    I like the thought of the taxi being equipped with a “speaking clock” I can still remember the first time I encountered sat nav and it was quite fascinating!


    • BLEKE says:

      It was my father’s many misunderstandings and misreadings (amusing, exasperating, bewildering) that gave me the impetus to start blogging.
      Of course, he was born into the era of steam locomotives and silent films — he would be 94 if he were alive today.

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