Friday 27-1-12: recrudescence of the daffodils

In the morning I went shopping, first to Cheerful Market, and then to TeraGroce. Throughout, I had exceptional luck with the traffic-lights.
On my return, I saw something that surprised and pleased me. When Mr JG replaced the fence between his drive and the Old Man’s, he disturbed the soil somewhat, and I suspected that he had removed or killed off the daffodils that have grown there for years. (In one of my recent sort-outs, I found the bag that the daffodil-bulbs came in. I had forgotten that the Old Man had planted them — probably to keep the Deceased Lady happy after his carelessness when mowing the side lawn destroyed the ones that used to grow by the side of the old garage.) Today I saw that the daffodils were again sprouting alongside the Old Man’s drive. There are at least seven clumps of them.

[Original posting 27 January 2013]

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