Saturday 28-1-12: binful of cardboard

After lunch, I needed to do more shopping at TeraGroce.
The heap of scrap wood was still at the front corner of Sarah Goldstein’s house, between the wall and a big plant-pot.
There were two cars at the rear of the drive of Mr BC’s house ā€” one of them was parked where his garage used to stand.
Mrs AD’s mother’s house was still for sale.
On my return, I saw the Pigeon Lad, paused for breath on the pavement outside number 35, no doubt on his way to the corner shop.
I decided to clear more rubbish from the garage, before nightfall. Charlie and Karl were on the paved area in front of their grandparents’ house, wearing coats as it was cold. I said hello to them, and made my way to the garage.
I put a big mouldy cardboard box, the box for the lawnmower, into the bin. Then I added some glass jars which had contained used paintbrushes, and some miscellaneous packets and canisters from the airing-cupboard.

[Original posting 28 January 2013]

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