Wednesday 1-2-12: canine escapology

I paid a short visit to Peakville.
Before I set off, I saw Mr Jebec arrive, driving Mrs Jebec’s car. I commented to him (he was alone) that this was an unusual sight. He replied: “I don’t get that many pleasures in life.”

At Peakville, I confirmed that the Old Man’s house had not frozen up in the cold weather, but I turned up the heating.
At Bert’s, there was a black BMW on the forecourt, on the opposite side from the usual blue car. Junior and Tall Woman were behind the counter. I was quite late arriving — shortly after 13:00 — and so I had to wait for my food to be cooked.
The customer at the front of the queue was a woman in her sixties — the kind who looks as though she spends a lot of time and money trying beautify herself with clothes, cosmetics and treatments — and has quite a lot of time and money to spend. Behind her, in front of me, was a tall thin young man.
Two other men arrived while I was waiting for the fish and chips: one of them, another tall young man, put his head through the doorway to ask Junior behind the counter whether there was still food left. Outside, he tied his two dogs (whippets?) to the tubular metal railing that separates the forecourt of the fish-and-chip shop from the forecourt of the shop next door.
I had wandered to the far end of the public side of the shop, so as to avoid being dazzled by the sun. (I noticed that the black BMW had gone. No doubt it belonged to the sixtysomething woman.) The dogs outside the shop, just on the opposite side of the window from where I stood, were both staring at their owner inside. Then I was amazed to see one of the dogs use its teeth to pull at the leash that was round the other dog’s neck, and give that dog enough slack that it could escape and make its way to the door of the shop. The tall young man had obviously seen what had happened: he dashed out, grabbed the dog by the collar, and tied it to the railing again.

[Original posting 1 February 2013]

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