Thursday 2-2-12: empty airing-cupboard

I cleared more things out of the airing-cupboard. All that remains in there now are useful items such as a mop.
Before leaving the Old Man’s house, I counted nine clumps of daffodils by the side of the drive.
I arrived at Suburbia Somnolenta between 17:30 and 17:45. Shortly after I turned in to the road where I live, I saw the Explorer and his mother, on the right-hand pavement, walking in the direction of their home.
That evening, I phoned Mrs CJ and told her about the daffodils. I also told her what a pleasure it had been to look into a cupboard (I was thinking of one in my bedroom) and find that there was nothing in it.
Mrs CJ reminded me of when the Old Man had attended her 60th birthday party, at her house. (I didn’t tell her about the struggle I had, on the phone, to persuade him to go to it!) Two of the other guests were brothers, who are now aged 90 and 86. Richard, the elder brother, is still playing bowls. The younger brother, Jonathan, talked with the Old Man about their wartime experiences. Jonathan served in the Paras, but never made a parachute drop: he was a cook.
Mrs CJ said that Charlie and Karl had not mentioned having seen me on Saturday 28 January!

[Original posting 2 February 2013]

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