Sunday 12-2-12: houses and birthdays

The heap of scrap wood was still there at the front corner of Sarah Goldstein’s house.
I noticed that the “for sale” sign outside Mrs AD’s mother’s house had been turned through 180 degrees, to face downslope. Near the front door, a big plant-pot that had toppled over some time ago had been righted.
In the afternoon, there were signs of another birthday party at the Thornboroughs’ house. (The Kaufmans’ little boy must now be three?) There were two rectangular posters affixed to the front door, and three patterned balloons attached to each gate on the drive. Two additional VWs were parked at the kerb in front of the house, and a little Ford was parked in front of the Old Man’s house.

[Original posting 12 February 2013]

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