The afternoon school-run

Monday 27 February 2012

The cars that have parked near the Old Man’s house during the afternoon school-run have almost all gone by 15:15. One of the cars that remain is parked halfway onto the pavement outside number 35, near the boundary with the house next door which is Vinnie’s house. The car is a little silver hatchback. Its driver is a slim woman in her late 20s or early 30s, whose hair is of a probably-unnatural dark brown. With her on the pavement she has Small Boy and Tiny Boy; the latter seems too young for school β€” perhaps two years old, perhaps three. Pointing imperiously (which makes me burst out laughing), the woman directs Small Boy β€” who is hesitating β€” through the nearside rear door-opening and presumably into a child-seat at the offside. Then she directs Tiny Boy to follow his brother into the rear of the car. She herself leans in, and straps Tiny Boy into his child-seat.

[Original posting 27 February 2013]

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