Drawerful of cutlery

Monday 12 March 2012

At school-run time this morning, the mother of Small Boy and Tiny Boy parks her silver hatchback outside the Old Man’s house, partly on the pavement and near the boundary with Mr & Mrs CJ’s property. I don’t see her arrive, nor do I see the boys, but when she returns from the school she has in her arms a small child who is dressed in patterned red, so is presumably a girl. She straps the child into the child-seat at the nearside rear of the passenger compartment, and then drives off. She performs a U-turn, and drives away past the school.
I take home to Suburbia Somnolenta a drawerful of cutlery, a metal bowl, a big plastic sieve, and another dozen of the daffodils.
At the filling-station not far past Salty Sally’s, unleaded petrol is 140.9p per litre. I didn’t pay that much when I filled up on Saturday 10 March.

[Original posting 12 March 2013]

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2 Responses to Drawerful of cutlery

  1. Louise says:

    Wow I’d forgotten that petrol prices went up that much. So glad that they came down afterwards though!


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