Below expectations

Monday 19 March 2012

When I am getting ready to leave for Peakville, I hear a sound like someone shaving. (That sound has been familiar to me since my childhood, because the Old Man used to shave with a safety razor.) It turns out that Mrs Nearneighbour is making the sound, by scraping the frost from the windows of her newish MPV.
There are still a dozen daffodils in bloom when I arrive at the Old Man’s house.
Bert’s is closed. There is a printed notice affixed to the shutters, but I don’t stop to read it, I drive on to the new fish-and-chip shop run by the man who lives at number 35. (Mr & Mrs CJ told me about it when I had dinner at their house on 26 November 2011.) Two young Asian men are behind the counter, and I am the only customer. The “large” portion of chips is enormous, but the quality of the chips is not impressive and they are not all that warm. The haddock, freshly cooked for me, is quite good.

[Original posting 19 March 2013]

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