No road sense

Sunday 8 April 2012 (Easter Sunday)

Not long after noon, I am sitting in my car, which is parked halfway along a service road in downtown Suburbia Somnolenta. I see a group of people crossing the single-carriageway main road — they look as though they may have been to an Easter service at the church nearby. The group includes a couple with two daughters, one small and one tiny. Tiny Daughter is wearing a multicoloured (purple and other colours) patterned dress and a cardigan. As the family approach the crossing-point (it isn’t a proper pedestrian crossing) on the service road, Tiny Daughter excitedly does not stop at the kerb but runs straight across.
“Come back!” her father calls out. She does so, and then all four members of the family together cross the service road.
As I am driving off a few moments later, I saw father and Tiny Daughter again — mother and big sister and all the rest of the group of people have left the scene. He has taken her back to the spot from which she ran ahead, and he is impressing upon her how important it is to cross roads safely. I stop a few yards before the crossing-point, to let the two of them cross the service road, but with an amiable expression the girl’s father waves me through.

[Original posting 8 April 2013]

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