Dressing-up day?

Tuesday 17 April 2012

There is a wet start to the day, but just after 08:55 the sun breaks through. Unfortunately, the sky soon becomes dull again.
At about 14:15 I see a grey-haired man make very halting progress past the Old Man’s house, on the far pavement, in the direction of the corner shop. He is wearing a shiny blue anorak with the hood down, black jogging-bottoms with a white side-stripe, and trainers. He supports himself on a wooden walking-stick with a handle. He isn’t obese like the Pigeon Lad, just infirm.
At 15:25 or so, towards the end of school-run time, I see two girls together, not accompanied by an adult, walking quite briskly on the far pavement, uphill from the school. (As I remarked yesterday, it seems that few of the local children are allowed to find their own way to or from school.) Then I see something perhaps more unusual: a group of four children on the far pavement, heading in that same direction, one of them a girl in a shiny silvery dress, and one a boy dressed up as a spaceman. He wears a motorcyclist’s crash-helmet with full visor, and attached to his back is what is presumably a cardboard box covered with reddish-patterned silvered paper — representing his supply of air. Above the box are two straps or tubes, which I suppose tie the box on, or represent air-hoses — or serve both functions.
The strange thing is that none of the other children appears to be dressed up.

[Original posting 17 April 2013]

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