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Sunday 22 April 2012

Recently, I have assumed that the Explorer’s family are away on holiday, as there has been no sign of them or of their car — which is usually parked on their drive. Then on Thursday, I see the car parked at the kerb a little distance down the road. Perhaps the family are allowing friends to use the car.
The car is back in its usual place by sometime on Saturday.
This lunchtime, on returning from church, I see the Explorer at the front edge of the drive. He is wearing his plastic cycling-helmet, and around him he has child-sized gardening tools and equipment, which include a wheelbarrow. He waves hello, with a bemused expression on his face; I decide it is best not to respond to his greeting, or acknowledge it. A few minutes later I see him giving some gardening attention to the flowerbed of his next-door neighbours.

[Original posting 22 April 2013]

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2 Responses to Travel, explore, delve

  1. Louise says:

    Love seeing little ones helping in the garden but it’s probably better when it’s their own! I wonder what the neighbours made of the Explorer’s gardening efforts?


    • BLEKE says:

      Apart from that one flowerbed, the whole of the neighbours’ front garden was paved over — so I don’t think they minded too much if the Explorer did a bit of gentle prodding with his toy trowel.
      I call him “the Explorer” because when he was a tiny tot, circa 2010, he sometimes managed to give mummy the slip, and go exploring where he shouldn’t have. You need eyes in the back of your head…

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